Truly, madly, deeply … stuffed !

Everything was going so well …

Things with Danny were getting back on an even keel… I had this great new idea for some of the things I want to put in my store in SL, a collaboration project that would bring some totally original designs in… I had a new semi-exclusive dress template that I’d forked out for, which was showing great potential, and I had loads of ideas for how to use and develop… my enthusiasm for building up the store was back on track… everything was going great !

And then this morning I decided to move all the Photoshop files for the new dress into another folder. They were still in the folder they had been in after I extracted them, but now that Danny had come up with a great name for the dress I could “file” it properly in my system. I created the new folder, moved the files across, then deleted the old folder.

“Mistake… Big mistake… HUUUGGE !”
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