Evolution, alignment, and simplicity

It’s been ages since I last posted on here, due in no small part to a bout of ill health which has played havoc with my abilities to concentrate on things. But hopefully improvements in many aspects of my life in the outside world are on the horizon, so let’s concentrate here on what’s been happening in Second Life, and there’s a lot of it !

One of the next posts I was intending to write way back when was a review of a gorgeous gown that Danny got me one night while we were out shopping. We had actually been to look at a ballroom that we were thinking we might go to but it was deserted, as they often are, and so he suggested we take a wander around the nearby mall to see if there was anything I liked. We spent ages there, strolling up and down, me looking at things and dismissing them for various reasons … oh, you know how it is girls … *giggle*

Eventually we reached the end of the mall and I was just saying to Danny something like “Oh, well, that was disappointing, nothing here after all…” when something suddenly caught my eye at the back of the very last store and I followed up with “Unless…!!!” …
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Review – Imagin@rium – MONNOYER Mesh Dress – COFFEE

Imagin@rium - MONNOYER Mesh Dress - COFFEE
As this blog develops you will find out two things about me. Firstly that I really love my ballgowns, and secondly that I like them to flow as light as the breeze.
With that in mind I normally avoid long mesh dresses and gowns as they seem to me to be too restrictive, but I was intrigued when Danny sent me a picture of this lovely dress having seen it on Facebook. I certainly liked the look of it and had not encountered the creator before so I thought “Ok, nothing lost in going to have a look”.
Whenever I start with a new designer I like to “push the envelope” a little in some way, and in this instance I decided to opt for the Coffee version of the dress as it’s a colour I would not normally wear.
In my usual cautionary way I purchased a free Demo version and set about testing it out and seeing how I could make a “look” out of it, and I must say I was pleasantly surprised.
The first main worry I had, other than it being all mesh, was that my day-to-day avatar is based on a shape that I have modified greatly over the months and is not a standard mesh size, it falls somewhere between an S and an XS. Add to that the fact that this dress only comes in 3 sizes instead of the usual 5 (or more) and I wasn’t overly hopeful of a good result.
I needn’t have worried as the S dress fits even my non-standard shape acceptably well.
The next worry I encountered was the alphas provided in the folder. (When purchased in-world the items are delivered un-packed, ready to wear). Two alpha layers are provided… “Alpha Bust” and “Alpha Lowerbody Total”. Now I know from past experience that anyone who wishes to fully embrace their ballroom dancing as I do will find themself doing some high kicks with a leg fully extended in the air, and with that in mind an alpha that completely hides the leg so that only the solid of the foot and shoe is visible can end up looking pretty silly. I cammed around the dress a lot without wearing the lower alpha and there was a small area of the hip that did show through at certain lower angles, so I opted to apply an alpha from another, shorter skirt as a precaution thus allowing my legs to remain visible during dancing movements.

We were due to go dancing very shortly so I rushed back to the store and purchased the live version, plonked it on, and we hurried out for our regular evening exercise.
The alternative alpha turned out to be the right choice as, despite the fact that the inside of the dress is obviously the same dark coffee shade, having a leg showing properly when performing extensions in dancing is much more visually satisfying, and because the dress is mesh at no time did any part of my legs break through the fabric.
As we were dancing and I was casting a critical eye over the dress I started to take in more of what had attracted me to it in the first place. The roses and leaves are beautifully detailed, and the clever combination of materials with the flowers on the more transparent layer gives more of a “perceived” movement about it while dancing than would otherwise be the case.
The more we danced the more I became attached to this lovely creation. It “feels” really comfortable to wear. The bodice sits a touch proud of my not-so well-endowed boobs, but is hardly noticeable whilst moving, and it does look quite beautiful and cosy as a winter gown.
I kept it on overnight and wore it again when we went dancing this morning, and I think it will get many more airings in the future.
While I was in the store I picked up an armful of Demos of Imagin@rium’s other beautiful ladies wear, (they do Menswear also), and will have great fun trying them on too, all of which are based on works of art by painters such as Monet, Van Gogh, Kandinsky, Pollock etc. etc., so will quite probably be adding to the $400L already spent with them.

Rating: 9/10 … Change the lower alpha to allow the legs to show at least to mid-thigh and I’ll throw the other point on.

Pictures of the dress in action can be seen on my flickr page.


  • Dress: Imagin@rium – MONNOYER Mesh Dress COFFEE,
    Imagin@rium, MIC (103, 227, 21)
  • Shoes: Fierce – FLORA (Unique pair),
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  • Hair: A&A Janine Hair 4,
    Alli&Ali Designs New Mainstore L,
    Wonderland Beach (118, 128, 2
  • Ring: Beloved Plt Engagement Ring,
    CHOP ZUEY COUTURE JEWELLERY- Mai, Chop Zuey (65, 133, 25)
  • Necklace: Lazuri Multistrand Necklace Earrings – Color Change,
    Lazuri Main Store, 5th Avenue (118, 120, 22)
  • Skin: Linnea – [Peach] Dark brows – 02,
    Laqroki ~ SKINS // HA, Laqroki (154, 37, 29)
  • Nails (when worn): – MPP 2012 – Scripted Nails – French – Long Classic,
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  • Make-up:
    • Eyeshadow: .:Glamorize:. Lashtastic Makeup, 10 Lips, 1 Lash, 10 Combos,
      .:Glamorize:. & Studio Hera – Te, Keauhou Beach (87, 60, 1801)
    • Lip Gloss: ~Blacklace Beauty~ Hi-Gloss Lips VERSION 2, and
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  • Locations of Flickr images: Home,
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    Charleston Lace Romance~Deck the Walls XMAS Art Show, Charleston Belle (210,68,21)

True happiness

True happiness

Dancing in the ballroom on the Titanic with my wonderful Danny.
The gown I am wearing is a truly sumptuous custom creation by Marianela Beaumont (Marianela’s Art in Fashion) based on the picture “The Great Wave off Kanagawa” by Hokusai Katsushika, and was my engagement gift for Danny as the picture is one of his favourites.
Thanks are also due to Diana Debevec for her assistance and the beautiful shoes which complement the gown so perfectly.
More pictures of the gown in action can be seen on my flickr page.


  • Location: RMS Titanic, Ship Of Dreams., Titanic (44, 41, 38)
  • Gown: “The Great Wave off Kanagawa” (custom design)
    MARIANELA’S ART IN FASHION MAINSTORE, Hidden Treasures (62, 17, 31)
  • Shoes: Paris Cristal Silver Blue Bow,
    Shoes Diana Debevec High Society, Kenilworth (220, 31, 62)
  • Hair: A&A Debbie Hair Caramel,
    A&A Hair – Alli&Ali Designs New , Wonderland Beach (124, 128, 23)
  • Ring: Beloved Plt Engagement Ring,
    Earrings: Diamond Drop Earrings Wht,
    CHOP ZUEY COUTURE JEWELLERY- Mai, Chop Zuey (65, 133, 25)
  • Skin: Linnea – [Peach] Light brows,
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