Under Pressure

8 months since my last post on here ?! … Slap my wrist !

To be fair it has been a busy time. Danny and I have moved in SL (again) and now have a full sim, a couple of parts of which we sub-let to friends, and there has been a lot to do to in trying to create our own little world there, but we’ve also been focusing more of our time on just “having fun” and relaxing. Plus I now have a little hostessing job at Dreams Dance Club which I enjoy immensely.

Real Life has also been quite hectic and sometimes quite stressful for both of us and that always has to take priority.

I go through phases where I just can’t get my head around things from a creativity viewpoint, and when I was feeling particularly down a couple of weeks ago I decided to lift myself up by “forcing” myself to work on things, mainly in Photoshop.

That has helped. I’ve come out of my depressive state to a large degree and have learned and improved my skills in certain areas which will be really helpful to me moving forward and (hopefully) make me more productive.

The boost has also inspired me to finally start on my other blog, the one where I focus on my real life situation as a Transgender female, and the response to that (along with following the experiences of other Transgender folks) has also been a great help. Those of you who are interested in such matters can catch up with it here.

All these things take time, however, and in my usual muddled and “I have little perception of time” way I now find that a Cart Sale that I’m due to have a stall at needs me to have at least 3 things ready for putting out by Tuesday.

Today is Sunday and I have nothing ready !

I really do need to make sure I have a good stall at this sale because I’ve had to pull out of a couple of the recent ones for various reasons and I don’t like doing that. In my head I thought I still had maybe a week or more to prepare, and have been starting on some things for it over the past couple of weeks, but starting and finishing are words that rarely sit comfortably together in my life, especially that “finishing” word. (I have something like 50 or more “unfinished” projects sitting in my inventory).

So, I’m working on things for the Cart Sale, I’m blogging, I’m reading blogs and getting into conversations with people there, I need to spend time with my wonderful Danny and my other friends in Sl (some of whom lean on Auntie Tish for support), I have all sorts of sh1t going on in my Real Life out here at the moment, and I’m trying to get myself ready for my first solo excursion down town in female form.

Today there’s my Danny-cam, the Singapore Grand Prix, Davis Cup Tennis (come on Andy!), and the Rugby World Cup to keep an eye on (I do love my sport).

I’m under pressure !!

But you know, somehow I’m looking forward to this week, even if when I cam with Danny this afternoon his little wife may be a disheveled mess covered in 3-day stubble … (eep!)

The Cart Sale starts on 1st October, the day I go to the hospital to have a vein in my leg drilled out (double-eep!!) and runs for the whole of October, so do drop in (click the picture below for a link). Every stall will include a 10L Trick-or-Treat item and something themed, in this case something elegant, something with skeletons or something “skelegant”. It should be fun. 🙂

Oh So Skelegant Cart Sale Texture for Blogging


5 comments on “Under Pressure

  1. I. LOVE. THAT. SONG. Gush.

    I’ve wondered, and briefly tried (and felt overwhelmed) about SL as an outlet. You seem to get mileage out of it. I guess I was just doing it wrong…?

    • It’s horses for courses hunny. I live there and wouldn’t be where I am today without it, but it can seem overwhelming to some people, and one has to be even more “careful” there than in RL because there are some wicked people hiding behind the avatars.
      There’s no “right” or “wrong” way to do it, but there are TG support groups there, which I have found helpful, and if nothing else it can be a hell of a lot of (time-consuming) fun. 🙂

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