Beware fake Gift Cards in Second Life

Caspertech have issued warnings about people sending fake gift cards to people which can then empty your Linden account.

There is no reason to think that the crooks aren’t mimicking the cards used in other vendor systems as well so please read the following, which I have copied directly from the Caspertech wiki, and never accept anything from anyone you don’t know.

If it looks too good to be true then it more than likely is!

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Under Pressure

8 months since my last post on here ?! … Slap my wrist !

To be fair it has been a busy time. Danny and I have moved in SL (again) and now have a full sim, a couple of parts of which we sub-let to friends, and there has been a lot to do to in trying to create our own little world there, but we’ve also been focusing more of our time on just “having fun” and relaxing. Plus I now have a little hostessing job at Dreams Dance Club which I enjoy immensely.

Real Life has also been quite hectic and sometimes quite stressful for both of us and that always has to take priority.

I go through phases where I just can’t get my head around things from a creativity viewpoint, and when I was feeling particularly down a couple of weeks ago I decided to lift myself up by “forcing” myself to work on things, mainly in Photoshop.

That has helped. I’ve come out of my depressive state to a large degree and have learned and improved my skills in certain areas which will be really helpful to me moving forward and (hopefully) make me more productive. Continue reading