Evolution, alignment, and simplicity

It’s been ages since I last posted on here, due in no small part to a bout of ill health which has played havoc with my abilities to concentrate on things. But hopefully improvements in many aspects of my life in the outside world are on the horizon, so let’s concentrate here on what’s been happening in Second Life, and there’s a lot of it !

One of the next posts I was intending to write way back when was a review of a gorgeous gown that Danny got me one night while we were out shopping. We had actually been to look at a ballroom that we were thinking we might go to but it was deserted, as they often are, and so he suggested we take a wander around the nearby mall to see if there was anything I liked. We spent ages there, strolling up and down, me looking at things and dismissing them for various reasons … oh, you know how it is girls … *giggle*

Eventually we reached the end of the mall and I was just saying to Danny something like “Oh, well, that was disappointing, nothing here after all…” when something suddenly caught my eye at the back of the very last store and I followed up with “Unless…!!!” …

There in a faraway corner of a remote shopping mall somewhere in an unknown backwater of SL was the most delightful gown. Not only delightful, but incredible value too ! A hostess at one of the other ballrooms asked me one night what it was and how much it had cost, and I’m sure she didn’t believe me. Just L$475 for this !!

Lillou's Designs - [LD] Hestia - Blue

Lillou’s Designs – [LD] Hestia – Blue

Strangely enough Lillou doesn’t have it on her marketplace store, but if you can’t wait for my follow-up review of this gown here is the link to her in-world store … http://www.maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Trefutzi/101/54/73 … just be sure to top up your Lindens first because her designs and glorious colours will have you reaching for your purse at every turn !

The picture shows another aspect of my recent SL life, and something which has made such a difference to both Danny and myself over the past weeks, the house.

We’ve moved !

Danny’s wedding gift to me had been the wonderful Charingworth Manor House by Kismet Design, a magnificently spacious Tudor building which we both fell in love with as soon as we saw it.

Charingworth Manor House - Kismet Designs

Charingworth Manor House – Kismet Designs

The biggest problem we had with it though was that the land we had was designated as a beach setting, and so we had to build a sky platform and put the house up there, using far too many prims in trying to recreate a suitable surrounding for it, and it always lost something through that as opposed to being on a proper, terraformable, “green” landscape.

We had bought a few of the internal furnishing packs to go with it, I had done my usual rummaging around the stores and the marketplace, and done everything I could to make the best of our situation, and it was a truly magnificent house to be in, but unfortunately it never really felt like a home.

For us it was just too big … two people rattling around in something which is designed for a family or for people who role play or throw endless parties. Being up on the platform certainly took the edge off it too.

Danny had paid the tier on our land for a year in advance, which had been fine for our old house, but we were both showing signs of frustration with our situation and Danny had said that he wouldn’t be extending the lease any further once it ran out this month. I had agreed and we had made plans for each of us to use other accommodation at our disposal.

Well, I can read Danny like a book sometimes (something which continually amazes him as we’ve never actually met face to face outside of an internet connection), so I was not overly surprised by a large sign on the front of the house at Christmas saying “Let’s stay a while”. The thought of having to live apart was obviously too much for either of us. I’d been expecting this news for a couple of weeks, but what I had not been expecting was this …

Canticum Lupus - The song of the Wolf - get it ?

Canticum Lupus – The song of the Wolf – get it ?

Unbeknownst to me Danny had been scouring the real estate market looking for a half-sim, seaside Forest parcel for us to move to, and had found the perfect one for us just in time for Christmas!

So after the relief, if not surprise, of knowing that we would still be living together I was totally gobsmacked when he tp’d me to the new plot and said “This is the second part of your Christmas present!” …

I think the conversation continued something along the lines of “Um? … huh? … what? … der … um … … …”.

It was only a plain plot at the time of course, although the lake had already been terraformed by the agent, but Danny had leased it for a month to start with in the hope that I would like it. “In the hope ?!?!?!” … Sometimes I do wonder about him … of course I like it, it’s my dream plot !!!

It’s strange sometimes how things work out; how the universe brings things together to achieve a balance and a sense of harmony.

Knowing Danny’s liking for them I had already decided that his Christmas present would be a rideable horse, and all he had to do was to pick out which one. Naturally he picked the one I would have chosen for him anyway *giggles* and now, of course, he would really have the space and environment in which to ride it properly.

But there was another opportunity at this point, and one which I’m so glad I took.

I had known for a long time that Charingworth was making Danny feel uncomfortable, despite all the things we’d done to it, and I’d seen that Kismet offered a smaller Manor House in a similar style, something which would be more akin to our needs and more “homely”. I decided now was the perfect time to offer up the possibility to Danny that we should go and look at it, and he eagerly agreed, although he was very surprised that I would be considering such a thing as he thought that I wanted the splendour of Charingworth above all else. Men! .. they just don’t get us, do they?

We popped over to Kismet (I had already landmarked the position of the house), and it didn’t take us long to know that this was what we both really wanted … the style and grace of Tudor, but within comfortable limits for just two people.

Home, at last, and yes we do have elk eating the plants

Home, at last, and yes that is an elk eating the plants

It took me no time at all to start on turning the house and the land into a real home for us. I love terraforming, making separate little items of interest around the grounds, hunting out suitable plants, decorating the house, and with Danny’s help just turning our little part of the SL globe into somewhere we both feel comfortable and at peace.

The first thing that was added was a small stable and a yard for Danny’s new horse, Jack. Danny got some company for him too, and it’s a lovely spot to sit and relax and watch Jack meandering about, when the lazy sod actually gets up! … Danny says that he’s a working horse and is just enjoying his retirement, but I’m not convinced.

Gorgeous big boy

Gorgeous big boy

You’ll have seen our dog Alaska in some of the pictures too. She was a wedding present from my dear friend Sindy and now follows us around most of the time. Danny’s robot housekeeper Gracie is starting to moan about the dog hairs on the sofa, but I’ll leave her to Danny to sort out. 😉

Once I’ve finished with the grounds and used up every last remaining prim on furnishings I’ll do a post giving you all a “grand tour” of the place so you can see why we both love it so much.

Another thing that has changed recently in SL is my store.

I have a vision of where I want to go with it but have stalled for a while now, partly due to my health issues, but also because my head is so full of ideas and I’m in such a rush to achieve the end goal that I’m smothering myself from a practical perspective. Danny has been experiencing similar things in his own artistic endeavours, but I see now that the advice I gave him (“KISS – Keep It Simple, Stupid”) applies in my own ventures too.

With that in mind, I’ve completely turned things on their head. A major factor in my stalling was that because I’m still new to all of this it was taking me so long to produce the finished item with regard to my gowns because of the intricacy and myriad of details that I was never actually finishing anything at all!

So, my high-end She-Wolf brand is temporarily on hold while Tango Whiskey, a more wide-ranging label for the mass market, will take over and allow me more opportunities to experiment with less complicated items and to get that feeling of achievement by actually producing finished product.

The new store, which much to my surprise Danny actually loves, (I was soooo nervous about showing him), will have a corner for She-Wolf items, will be much more mainstream in the items and method of display, and will also have some subtly unobtrusive Gacha machines (without the “One-Armed Bandit” approach) dedicated to other start-up designers who can offer small collections of their work rent free and hopefully start to earn some Lindens from their endeavours.

Wolfsong's Bar and Tango Whiskey

Wolfsong’s Bar and Tango Whiskey

The store is fully modifyable and we have plenty of spare room at the back for me to extend, so space won’t be a problem for quite a while yet, and I’ve been able to do away with my “workroom” at the back of the old store by putting up my Developers Skybox, where I can work away but still keep an eye on things and be close on hand if a customer calls.

I think Danny is still struggling to come to terms with how much we’ve achieved in such a short space of time, and I know we’re both amazed at how our individual thought processes have melded once that first domino fell and he began looking for new land. Everything has just fallen into place so perfectly, and we’re both so much happier in ourselves because of it.

Through evolution everything is becoming aligned, and therefore so much simpler.

I hope your 2015 holds as many good times for you as ours has for us so far, and do please join me again for the review of Hestia and more goodies to come.

Take care, and thanks for reading.



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