Truly, madly, deeply … stuffed !

Everything was going so well …

Things with Danny were getting back on an even keel… I had this great new idea for some of the things I want to put in my store in SL, a collaboration project that would bring some totally original designs in… I had a new semi-exclusive dress template that I’d forked out for, which was showing great potential, and I had loads of ideas for how to use and develop… my enthusiasm for building up the store was back on track… everything was going great !

And then this morning I decided to move all the Photoshop files for the new dress into another folder. They were still in the folder they had been in after I extracted them, but now that Danny had come up with a great name for the dress I could “file” it properly in my system. I created the new folder, moved the files across, then deleted the old folder.

“Mistake… Big mistake… HUUUGGE !”

You see I’m running Photoshop Elements 8 which came preloaded on my lappy, and it appears that PSE8 has a nasty little trick up its sleeve.

It keeps the details of all the files it has accessed in its own internal Catalog as opposed to using any reference to Windows Explorer so, having moved the files EXTERNAL to PSE8 it can’t find them any more.

Not a serious problem, you would think. All I should have to do would be to open up the files in their new locations with PSE8 and carry on.

You would think … except that PSE8 accesses the Catalog during start-up and, with the files not being where it expects to find them, crashes out within a second of loading.




Crash report prepared ready to send to Adobe. (I’ve sent three.)

Having realised what had caused the problem, but unaware of the nasty little trick, I recreated a folder with the same name in the same parent folder and moved all the files back in, but because this is an internally built Catalog it doesn’t access the normal file referencing that Windows uses, it keeps everything in-house in its own way, so doing that had no effect.

I see on the interweb that doing an uninstall and reinstall would have no effect because the Catalog is preserved at Uninstall, and I can’t do that anyway because there were no PSE8 disks supplied with my lappy.

So… I can’t do anything ! …

I can’t open any of my PSD files, none of my PNG’s or TGA’s… nothing !

I’m starting up another blog so that I can address my gender issues separately from SL which I want to concentrate on here, (more about that blog in a later post), and of course when I went to create a new blog header picture … STOP ! … CAN’T … Got no Photoshop !!

I’ve been trawling the web for solutions without success. Nobody actually seems to come up with an answer to PSE8 crashes that doesn’t involve being able to log into it in the first place and, for some reason, trying to access the online support through Adobe Air the Help module also crashes out.

I used the Organiser module to create a new catalog, setting that one to active, and still no joy… and the organiser won’t allow me to delete the old one.

I’m stuffed …

Totally, completely and utterly …




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