Other than the obvious hearbreak of Danny leaving Second Life and of all my dreams being shattered, one of the saddest things for me as I look around the wreckage of this once-happy world is the bar we built together – Wolfsong’s Free Spirits.

It was Danny’s idea, he’s always wanted to own and run a bar. He selected the building, most of the component parts and all the posters and pictures, and little me (as the builder) did the modifications to the building to fit in with how he wanted it and then sat back and marveled each morning as another element appeared and the whole thing started to come together.

It has a games room upstairs with a playable Pool table and a Greedy table, even a couple of chairs up on the roof for people to just laze about and let the world go by, and almost everything in the place will give you a free item when you touch it… even the cat !

We didn’t run it as a business. The concept he wanted was that it should be somewhere where people could just chill and hang out and it wouldn’t cost them anything to do it… Wolfsong’s Free Spirits… what a great name !

That’s one thing about Danny that he brought from the real world with him into Second Life, his generosity of spirit, and examples of it were already evident to me when we first met.

I know that it really needed more attention from us that it received in the sense that there were very few hours when we could actually be there staffing it, and we only really ever ended up with one “regular” customer, our friend Zeph, but we did have plans for gigs by live artists and dj’s on special occasions, and everyone liked the general ambience of the place… Danny really had created a mini version of somewhere which could have had that real “Cheers” feeling about it.

It just seems to me such a shame then that in a few days, when the tier on that parcel runs out, Wolfsong’s will be gone. I almost wish somebody else could come along and pick it up from where we left off and make a real success of it, while keeping that original founding objective that everyone is welcome and “Everything at Wolfsong’s is Free”.

What a fitting legacy to Danny’s time in SL that would be.

Yes, he did actually do a whole shift one night jiggle-dancing behind the bar in a pink vest with a chicken on his head

Yes, he did actually do a whole shift one night jiggle-dancing behind the bar in a pink vest with a chicken on his head

I had watched Cheers from the very first episode, I believe, all those years ago way back in the Diane days, and it was while I was sat there thinking about the bar and the Cheers connection that something else occurred to me.

I remembered wishing so, so much that I could be Diane in Real Life… I don’t mean the actress Shelley Long as such, but just “that person… that woman“. Something deep inside me all those years ago used to moan and groan and churn and send little notes up to my brain saying “Please !!!… I really would be so very, very happy !!!”

Shelley Long, as she looked playing the part of Diane, was quite simply in my eyes the epitome of everything that it meant to be “feminine”, and the draw was electrifying, even though I was denying it.

And talking of denial, another realisation struck me as I sat in the allotment (veggie patch) supping tea from a flask this evening…

Now, 30 years later, I can finally come clean and say … Ted Danson, I FANCIED YOU BOY !!!!

Is it too late, 30 years on from those fun evenings and the endless laughter, to say that Ted Danson was RAWKING MY BOAT ?

OMG, what am I like ???? HAHAHAHAHA

*blushing like crazy*

It’s another of those instances where something from my past gets recalled and becomes obvious with the 20-20 hindsight that being honest about my true self allows.

And maybe that’s one of the reasons that I feel so much affection for Wolfsong’s Free Spirits. Danny and I were being our own version of Sam and Diane.

Cheers !

Wolfsong's Free Spirits, Celaeno

Wolfsong’s Free Spirits, Celaeno


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