Keeping a record

My first selfie, in either life

My first selfie, in either life

A transgender friend of mine on SL posted a youtube link in the group chat one day a few months back.

She had been taking a selfie at some point every day for the past year to show the progress she had been making since she started on the hormones and had put them all together into a presentation, one picture a second.

Having interacted with her on odd occasions, both directly and through the group chat and meetings, having heard a lot of her story and having seen how open, helpful and sympathetic she had been to other group members it was lovely to be able to see what she looked like in real life and to follow the progress of her transition.

Looks-wise she’s just an “ordinary person”, someone you wouldn’t look twice at if they passed you in the street, but as the pictures had moved on her inner beauty, confidence and happiness showed through more and more, and it was a joy to see. Her future life as a woman is certainly destined to be a happy one.

Everyone in the group who saw the pictures was so complimentary and it was a lovely moment as we were all giving her verbal “high-fives” and “way-to-go”s.

So, although I won’t be doing it every day, at least not just yet until I can get on the hormones, I’ve decided I’m going to start taking selfies too and keep my own record of how I’m “coming along”.

As things stand I still have to live my day-to-day life as a man, which I detest, but after a year of not having it cut my hair is long enough now that it could possibly sustain some ringlets and I’m going to make a small pony-tail on occasions, even if only for the sake of tidiness.

I seem to be developing a little in the boob area too, but whether that’s some psychosomatic change that’s occurring or whether it’s because of an age-related body fat situation I don’t know, either way I’m not knocking it! In private I could possibly get away with wearing one of the smaller cupped bras, if I ever had the chance, and that tells me now is the time to start keeping a record.

Maybe one day I’ll be posting a link like she did.

All I have to work out now is how these modern camera-phone things work …


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